Don't Amused, Leech Therapy Many Benefits

Leeches often make people feel amused or disgusted when they see it. However, this animal is actually known to have a variety of health benefits, namely through leech therapy. Leech therapy has been known for a long time, even before modern medicine. Previously leech therapy is believed to overcome nervous system abnormalities, teeth and skin problems, relieve pain, treat inflammation, and infections. However, not just any leech is used for therapy. Leeches used for treatment are Hirudo types, namely Hirudo medicinalis, Hirudo troctina, Hirudo nipponia, Hirudo quinquestriata, Poecilobdella granulosa, Hirudinaria javanica, Hirudinaria manillensis, Haementeria officinalis, Hirudo orientalis, and Haementeria depressadan which are developed in special environments. The leech bite will leave a Y-shaped mark, which will heal without scars. Benefits of Leech Therapy Leeches that are specifically used for treatment, generally saliva containing more than 100 types of protein when sucking
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